Some people imagine a sketchbook as a stack of blank pages waiting to be filled with the product of fresh inspiration. Others envision a well-used book with paper that is creased and indented from sketches and doodles, a collection of both completed and ongoing creative experiences. The idea and its existence are great. But how about a place where your creative liberty can flow on endless pages? Well, there is a Sketchpad where you can allow your artistic inventiveness to reside. Sketchpad or Sketchpad Extension is a space where ideas are written down, stored, and later resorted to when needed.
With Sketchpad Extension, your creativity can take any form, and you would have the platform to express your thoughts the way you like them. Furthermore, this multipurpose extension can be your professional assistant at work and can be your favorite pastime personally. Moreover, Sketchpad is a free sketching program that is simple to use and highly adjustable. In addition, this web-friendly tool is packed with a slew of enhancing features that can be used for more than an online doodle tool.

For those who like to paint new objects and make colorful sketches, Sketchpad is a useful creative extension. Utilize this extension's free features to doodle and show off your creativity. Furthermore, you can use any color pen and size to paint the canvas and save your work in PNG format. Use your sketchpad to develop and sketch the arrangement of your project so that you can swiftly describe it to your coworkers.

When you find it, click the blue "ADD TO CHROME" button.

Then, a pop-up will appear and ask you to choose "ADD EXTENSION."

The Sketchpad has now been successfully configured with your browser. As a result, you may use its many functions right away and keep working with confidence.

With the free, simple-to-use, and highly configurable Sketch Pad, you may experiment and create any drawing you choose. However, there are many capabilities in this addon so that you can do much more than just doodle. Therefore, you must install Sketch Pad if you have a talent for sketching. So, use Sketch Pad's creative features to enrich your projects or drawings. Additionally, you can draw illustrations to describe your project plans and send them to online meetings for discussion.

After installing and pinning the extension, you may click on the icon to launch the canvas and start drawing. On Chrome, you will have lots of room to practice your talents because the canvas is quite large in size.

You can choose the range of the pen size after selecting the "DRAW" option, which enables you to draw anything with the paintbrush. Decide on the pen size that best suits your needs and start drawing.

There is a full-color bar at the bottom of the canvas. You are free to choose any color and sketch with it. Furthermore, you can mix two or more colors to experiment with new hues.

One of the best features of this Chrome extension is that it has a "BUCKET" option that will paint the entire backdrop with the color of your choice. Thus, simply choose any color, select "BUCKET," and click on the canvas to fill the backdrop with color.

You also receive an eraser so that you may make any changes to your sketch. Additionally, you have a choice in the eraser's size. As a result, you may erase using a customized eraser. Furthermore, by choosing "CLEAR," you can remove or erase the entire painting. Consequently, you can just click to delete the whole canvas rather than wiping each item one at a time.

You can save what you've drawn after it's finished on your computer. Create something by drawing it and saving it to your system in PNG format.

Sketch Pad offers you the ability to undo and redo actions, unlike other tools. Therefore, you can undo everything you accidentally did. However, it also offers the "UNDO" and "REDO" options.

Installing and using Sketchpad are both completely free. Furthermore, using it is pretty simple. Nothing else requires effort from you besides drawing. The process of signing up is hassle-free except for this. As a result, simply install the Sketch Pad and use it.

None of your data is used and is stored by Sketchpad. We value your privacy and will never violate it. You do not need to register or provide any personal information to operate our extension. Therefore, your personal information will never be sold by us.

How To Use it?
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First, start by downloading and installing Sketchpad on your device.

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Next, you must pin the extension to the toolbar of your browser. Click the puzzle icon in the browser's top-right corner, then the extension icon to make it visible if it isn't already.

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After pinning the Sketchpad extension on your device you can use the extension anytime and wherever you want.

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A text box or canvas will now show anytime you click on the extension icon in your toolbar, allowing you to sketch, paint, create, and save your masterpieces

Why Opt For Sketchpad?
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You can make designs based on the structure of your project. Once you have their approval, you can then present your coworkers with the rough sketches.

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You may paint your sketches and put your plans to practice.

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To doodle on Chrome with many brush selections on a big canvas.

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To do something creative in your free time.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, using the Sketchpad Extension, you may now use different paint brushes to sketch, draw, paint, and design anything. Furthermore, the canvas is the most practical thing ever because the extension functions online in your browser.

Installing the Sketchpad extension on your computer will enable you to draw whenever you want for no charge. Download this extension to start painting, sketching, and drawing for free.

It is absolutely free. Consequently, you don't need to make any purchases to use this extension for various purposes. The ability to save your photographs in PNG format is the best feature.